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Journals From The Journey

Welcome to my blog. Here you can find my posts about anything!

2016 Goals

Setting goals helps us all to move forward and take the steps we need to grow.  I've tried to collect mine here. Last year, the Stuff I Learned Yesterday podcast encouraged us to set goals for 2015.  I've talked about how those goals went here.  Entering into 2016, I want to be more simple in […] Read More


Reflecting On My 2015 Goals

I was challenged at the beginning of the year to put down some goals, thanks to the Stuff I Learned Yesterday Podcast.  I sat down and started reflecting back and looking forward.  Little did I know how much my life would change and those goals would be a part of it. Reflecting on 2014 and […] Read More

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What I Learned From My Grandmother

Grandparents are a gift from the Lord!  Grandmothers are source of blessings and so much knowledge.  As a child, teen and even young adult we tend to listen to our Grandmother when our parents advice seems too much.  I want to shared just a bit of what I learned from my grandmother.  At 100 years […] Read More


Open Letter to PBS & Ken Burns

PBS and North Carolina's affiliate UNC-TV have been a big part of my life.  Sesame Street, The Electric Company, 321 Contact, Mister Rogers and Doctor Who were a part of my childhood.  I enjoyed watching (and still do) This Old House with my parents.  I have become a fan of all of the Masterpiece programing, […] Read More


What I Learned From My Co-Workers

This week was an exciting week for me and a busy one.  This was the first week that the staff was back for the new school year.  It was also the last week before students are in the building.  It is always a busy week with students being enrolled at the last second and students […] Read More


Pause To Study History

(Updated discussion at the bottom of the post) This year has been a challenging year.  Racial tensions, history vs hate, TV series pulled due to a flag but others with racist comments left on air and much more.  As a white, christian, straight, male; folks might say I have no right to talk or share. […] Read More

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Push Past Yourself and Serve

I don't have the outgoing social butterfly personality.  But I have, praise the Lord, over the years grown more comfortable being me and interacting with others.  Reading the Bible, I've seen that the Lord has always cared about the individual.  But He has never left people alone.  He designed us to be in community.  The […] Read More


Stuff I Learned Yesterday – The Power of Music

Preface: I listen to many podcasts during the week.  One of the ones I greatly enjoy is "Stuff I Learned Yesterday" it is produced by Golden Spiral Media.  It comes out sever times a week with several different hosts.  Each short podcast shares a fun fact and an encouraging story.  There is a Facebook group […] Read More


Blackout Rules Hurt Fans

We live in a global fan economy.  A person can live in Texas and pull for Manchester United.  I know many loyal Packers fans that live far from Lambeau Field and who are owners.  Take me, I pull for the USA in the Olympics but Great Britain and The Netherland are favorites of mine.  When […] Read More


Goals For 2015

At the start of this month I did my Reflections on  2014.  January is usually a time for resolutions or goals.  Reading over my reflections post, listening to the Stuff I Learned Yesterday podcast, and being sick this weekend got me thinking about goals for the year. OK, let's break this down a little.  Taking […] Read More