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Journals From The Journey

Welcome to my blog. Here you can find my posts about anything!

Ready To Move – Able To Rest

Move or get out of the way.  If you aren't moving forward you are moving backwards. These are just two of the phrases that keep our fast paced world driving forward. But is that what God wants?  I think He wants people who are ready to move and but able to rest as well. This […] Read More


Goals For 2017 – Constantly Growing

Goals are easily set but hard to keep if we don't make plans to see them accomplished.  Last year I decided to only set 4 goals.  I believe that helped make those goals easier to work out. So for 2017, I intend to only set four as well. This past year I worked well walking […] Read More


The Power of Story

Story, a word composed of five letters, but this word can describe a short tale or a long epic.  A story can be a word for a fable or fictional tale, but it can also describe the events of a person's life.  The power of story can change the world. I've always enjoyed a good […] Read More


Summer Reflections

Summer is a time of changing gears, slowing down, and vacation.  For me it is a time of Summer reflections, time to look back and look forward. Won't you join me? Another school year has come to an end.  This one was good one, but moved very quickly.  In many ways this school year and […] Read More


Being Yourself With Family

Being yourself is not easy.  Many times being around family makes it even more challenging.  It is time we talked about it! The end of each year brings multiple opportunities to be with family. It can be a hard time of year or a good time of year. With family, you should be yourself. So why […] Read More


The Power Of Music – SILY 410

Music may not be the central focus of your life. But if you stop and think about it you will realize the power of music has a huge impact in your life. Our lives don’t have an epic John Williams, Hans Zimmer, or Bear McCreary soundtrack playing as we go about our lives. Or does […] Read More


Mountain Top Experiences – SILY 401

I grew up in the church and we have a phrase, “mountain top experiences.” It is used to describe times of intense emotions, spiritual breakthrough and growth. Growing up and even as an adult I have had many. I cherish them, but the challenge is coming back down or serving others in the midst of […] Read More


Stuff I Learned Yesterday – Learn To Play A Part

Stuff I Learned Yesterday is a great podcast and I'm pleased to be one of the hosts for this season.  This is the first installment that has been published.  Please take the time to read the post and listen. This is the first of the Stuff I Learned Yesterday podcasts of mine that has been […] Read More


Thriving Downtown

Having a thriving downtown is a goal of most cities and even small towns.  But it can be a big challenge.  The issue in most groups are forgetting the keys to a thriving downtown.  The major key is people!  I grew up in a small town that had a downtown that had seen ups and […] Read More


2016 Goals

Setting goals helps us all to move forward and take the steps we need to grow.  I've tried to collect mine here. Last year, the Stuff I Learned Yesterday podcast encouraged us to set goals for 2015.  I've talked about how those goals went here.  Entering into 2016, I want to be more simple in […] Read More

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