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Summer Reflections

Summer Reflections - Cover Art

Summer is a time of changing gears, slowing down, and vacation.  For me it is a time of Summer reflections, time to look back and look forward. Won’t you join me?

Summer Reflections:

Another school year has come to an end.  This one was good one, but moved very quickly.  In many ways this school year and the year in general have been about coming into a new normal for me.  We have had changes in staff and administration at work.  I’ve taken on finished up my 3rd and final year as president of the local chapter of my professional orginization. I look forward to stepping back and letting others lead.

So it is nice to come to the Summer.  I have a longer lunch each day and off early each Friday.  The days are more relaxed and I get to work with new families coming in and work on scheduling for next year.  After this very busy year, I’m looking forward to the change of pace.

The Summer also brings a change of pace in my podcasting schedule.  This year saw me jump into the podcasting world.  I podcasted every week on the TV show Gotham.  I learned how to watch the show more critically and take notes that would help me as my co-host and I talked about the episodes.  In addition to Gotham Undercover, I filled in on a few episodes of Maid of Steel on Supergirl.  I’ve loved watching and digging in to TV shows for years, but being on the other side of the mic to talk about them is so different.

I also got the opportunity to join the team of the Stuff I Learned Yesterday podcast (some of my episodes I’ve shared here on the blog).  That is a very differing experience since I have to write, record, edit and tweak each episode. It has grown my skills and challenged me.  We have completed one season and I’ve turned in my episodes for the second season.  It has also challenged me to really look at the events in my life and consider what I’m learning from them.  I’m taking a little break from recording episodes for season 3 but hope to get started later in the Summer.

Arts Alive Logo

This year I also got the great opportunity to work in the office of Arts Alive this year.  I have helped out this Christian fine arts studio (art, theater, and multiple types of dance) for years during production times.  But this year I also worked in the office and got to know many of the families and giving the owners some time off.  It was a very blessed year and I loved each week.  Now we are off for the Summer, but will be doing some planning for next year.

I love Summer because it gives me time to spend time reflecting back on the year and thing about what is next.  It provides me a time to breath, relax, and consider what is next.  As this Summer begins, I cannot help but think about all the change this year has brought in my life.  I am SO grateful for the new opportunities I’ve been given and how much they have challenged me. I know the Lord has used this year to grow me.  But this time of Summer reflections has me smiling from ear to ear.  Why?

Because I believe after reflecting on the year, that the Lord has taken me into a season of growth, settledness in who He is making me to be, and useful service.  My life has been crazy with hitting mid-life and not being where I expected to be.  I believe this year has come a long way to helping me be confident in knowing the Lord has brought me so far and will carry me the rest of the way.  It has taught me that using the gifts of serving and helping God has given me will not go away, but the ways I walk that out may change.

As a person who has found their worth in their service and the opinions of others, that prospect is scary at times.  But the Lord is gently teaching me to find my worth in Him alone, because He never changes.  Through this year I’ve started to walk that out.  What I’ve found is that, when my worth and purpose are found Him, my service and work flow more smoothly.  I’m more free to enjoy and live in the moment of working and serving because the weight is gone.  The weight and pressure to be perfect and do it all right is slipping into the correct place.

What I Have Learned:

So if you will allow me to slip into Stuff I Learned Yesterday mode for a bit, I’d be grateful.  I’ve learned that Summer reflections are important, so I can look back and consider the past.  Summer reflections are important, so I can look forward and plan for what is next.  But most of all Summer reflections are a great time to pause and be grateful to God and the people in my life.  I’m truly thankful and very blessed!  So my challenge for you is to make some time for Summer reflections and share what you have learned.  I think we would all be blessed to hear what you have learned here in the comments.

About the author: I am a Christian who desires to serve the Lord daily. I enjoy blogging, photography, working with Mac’s, and enjoying music and TV. I have a heart to serve my church and on the mission field.

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