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Colombia Trip 2013

Antioch Colombia Trip Jan. 2013

Group Photo

It was a great trip to Bocachica, Colombia. We had a great team and a great trip. It was a real joy to work with PL and the Ariel Family. You can read all about it here. Photos can be found here.

Day 9

  Day 9 – We said a sad goodbye to the Ariel family at the hotel.  We LOVE getting to get caught up with, spend time with and see the ministry of the Ariel family.  They were blessed by us coming as well.  We then headed to the airport.  We got our tickets and luggage […] Read More


Day 8 – Cartegna Day

  Day 8 – This day is one of the hardest of the trip.  Saying goodbye to the staff of the mission and the people of the island is always hard.  We have spent a week getting to know people and spend time in the community.  This was really true this year thanks to the […] Read More


Day 7 – Fun and Fellowship

  Day 7 – The day focused on people.  We dropped of the toilets and supplies at the two latrine sites.  We then walked a cross the island to the cliffs.  So much had changed in the 2 years I had been gone.  There is a man building a resort on that side of the […] Read More


Day 6 – Walls and Cell Group

  Day 6 – Rob gave the morning devotion to the staff & team on really knowing God. We took a good part of the day to finish up the latrines.  The guys headed to the first latrine and put on the 2 concrete slabs to form the floor.  Then we hiked over to the […] Read More


Day 5 – Painting, Water and Conferences

  Day 5 was not a great one for several of us on the team.  Stomach issues hit several of us in the night and began to hit different ones at different times the rest of the week.  Thankfully the Ariel’s had some medicine that helped us out.  After morning worship most of the team […] Read More


Day 4 – Floor, Fellowship, Cleaning and Teaching

  Day four saw most of the team helping to pour a concrete floor in a home.  A few others went and did some work on the latrines.  Most of the floors in homes are dirt.  Adding a concrete floor is a real help and blessing to the household.  We gathered behind the house where […] Read More


Day 3 – Latrines and Conference

  Day three brought the start of work.  We split into two team.  Each team went to a home and began work on a latrine for the household.  The digging started and we began the hard work.  Each latrine is supposed to be 5 feet deep.  But this can be a real challenge on the […] Read More


Day 2 – Beach and Baptism

  Sunday is typically a day of rest and getting used to  the climate.  In years past, we have gone to a resort that the Colombian’s enjoy.  This year we decided to do something different.  We walked across the island to a beautiful beach.  On the way there we stopped by and saw the well […] Read More


Day 1 – Reunions On Two Continents

  The bulk of our group met up at 3:30 am and headed to RDU.  After paying for extra bags, supplies we were taking to the Ariels and to the mission, we caught our flight to Miami.  That is where the first reunion happened.  We met up with Rob Mancuso and his daughter Meredith.  Rob […] Read More