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Proyecto Libertad Mission

The Southern Family from my church, brought Jorge & Karen Silva to speak to Antioch. They shared about Proyecto Libertad (Spanish for Project Liberty) an outreach/mission of Youth With A Mission. PL is located in the community of Bocachica(located on the island of Tierra Bomba) near the city of Cartagena Colombia.

PL Mission







The community faces many challenges.  There are no wells or running water on the island.  So all fresh water has to be shipped in from the mainland.  There is no industry on the island.  People fish, have small stores, make crafts, and commute to the mainland for work.  The homes, for the most part, have dirt floors and many do not have latrines.  Health care is very limited and sometimes means a 20 minuet ride to the mainland.

Jorge & Karen Silva

Jorge & Karen came into this community and faced many challenges.  They seek to meet the practical needs of the people and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and in deed.  Through the years they have build great relationship with the community.  They have build up a mission that ministers to the community.  They have wisely chosen long term staff as well as short term staff.

Ariel Family

The Ariel Family from Antioch felt the call in the fall of 2011 and Made Bocachica their home.  Nate & Tara and their kids have been making an impact on the lives of the people of Bocachica.  Living on the island day to day and walking out their testimony has a huge impact for the Lord.  They worked with the mission for a year and then branched into community ministry on their own.  The Ariel’s, PL and the churches in the community are making an impact on the community.  They have a great Biosand Water Filter Project and would love your support!

One of the projects of the mission is to host teams from other countries.  These teams come in and pour concrete floors, build latrines, provide medical services, and much more.  I went on my first trip in 2003.  After a several year break, Antioch started sending teams on a yearly basis.  I have had the joy to go on several trips.  Through these trips, the Lord has called me to be an active supporter of Proyecto Libertad.  I go and serve on short term trips as often as the Lord allows.  I support one of the local missionaries.  I also make it my goal to share about the mission to as many people as possible.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


I’m helping to support one of the Colombian missionaries Samy Cruzzuate Martinez.  He is in school so he can serve the mission better.  Would you consider helping him too?  Click here for details.


PL Staff 2012

Click this link for the mission’s website!

Click the drop-down menu for trip blogs.  I will add blog posts about each day of the trips I take.

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