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Here you can find a map of the places I go around the web (except for podcasts those recommendations are on the Audio page). Please check them out.

Links of Faith:

Antioch Logo Pocast ArtAntioch Community Church is my church home.  It is a non-denominational, family integrated church that preaches the Word of God.  It is a family that encourages, challenges and grows each other up in faith in Christ.



Proyecto Libertad

Proyecto Libertad is Youth With A Mission (YWAM) mission in the community of Bocachica Colombia.  It near and dear to my heart you can find out more about why I love it on my Colombia page.


Arts Alive

Arts Alive Fine Arts Studio is a place where we seek to glorify God with the arts.  People are encouraged in their God given gifts of music, dance, acting, and graphic arts.  I have had the pleasure of serving by running sound and helping in any other way possible.


Feed The HungerFeed The Hunger (formally know as New Directions International) is a missions organization that seeks to support the work of the local church in countries around the world.  They try to help meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and financial needs of the body of Christ.  They have been around for over 4 decades.  I cannot recommend them highly enough!


Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge Moravian Camp and Conference Center is located on the Blue Ridge Park way in North Carolina.  It is a beautiful place where I grew in my faith growing up.  I spent a week there ever summer as a kid and had the pleasure and honor of serving there on the M-Staff for two summers during college.  It is a place where I learned how to enjoy the Lord’s creation, serve others, and grow in my faith in Christ.



Sovereign Grace Music

Sovereign Grace Music

Sovereign Grace Music‘s Mission Statement:  For more than twenty-five years, Sovereign Grace Muisc has been producing songs for congregational worship. Our goal is to provide local churches with new songs characterized by biblical truth and passion that honors God. While our lyrics cover a broad variety of Scriptural topics, we continually return to God’s glory revealed in Christ’s atoning sacrifice on the cross—the gospel. Our hearts and lives have been transformed by the Savior, and we can’t help singing about what is “of first importance” (1 Corinthians 15:3–4). Like Charles Wesley, we wish we had “a thousand tongues to sing our great Redeemer’s praise.” We pray the songs we write will produce the same desire in you and your church, for the glory of God.

We use there music in worship at my church and several of their albums have and continue to speak to me (Come Weary Saints & Risen).

Other Links:

Traveling anytime soon?  Please use randyc(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)cruisingco.com.

Randy Crane

Randy Crane

He is a great Agent.  He works hard to make your trip smooth, cost effective and outstanding.  He can do it all from airfare, hotels, parks, cruises and more.  Plus he is a Disney expert and can give you all the ends and out there. http://www.randyc-mouseearvacations.com/



The Last Bison is a great group who combine folk and orchestral and other types of music into a unique blend.  I think you should check them out.  See my posts about them here.

Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals are my team in baseball.  I was not a huge baseball fan growing up, but I have grown to appreciate the game.  Several years ago I decided to get into it more.  I then had to choose a team.  I chose the Nats for several reasons and have been happy with their progress so far.  I have even gotten to see a couple of games in person.



McDougle Middle School

McDougle Middle School in Chapel Hill, NC is where I work.  I have worked there for over decade and I enjoy the school, the staff and the district.  I enjoy the changing seasons of the school year, the chance to work with students and teachers, and work at the district level.  I am the PowerSchool Data Manager (the computer system that keeps track of all student data).  I also serve on the district Classified (employee) Council and am the secretary for the local chapter of the Association Educational Office Professionals.

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