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Colombia Trip 2009

I will attempt to get out all that filled my heart from the trip. All of my photos from the trip can be found on my photo page, under the Colombia 2009 set. Our you can find them here. I hope you enjoy the blog from each day of the trip. It is such a blessing to be able to go. I thank everyone who gave and prayed to make this trip possible!

Day 9 – Heavy Hearts & Tired Travelers

We awoke early Sunday morning and packed up.  We went to the airport and began the long process of bag searches, checking in, and taxes.  After we had all gotten through the process, we ate our bag breakfast and then said farewell to Karen & Jorge.  We went through security and waited.  We all had […] Read More


Day 8 – Re-entry & Tourism

We slept in a little later and then ate breakfast.  We went over to the feeding center to see all of Dale’s hard work on the mural.   Then we took our group photo and one of the staff.   Then said our “see you next year” to the staff and then got on the […] Read More

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Day 7 – Last Floor, Stairs & Tunnels

The Lord really blessed and last day was a lighter day of work because we had finished so much.  Most of the team hiked up the hill and mixed and poured the last concrete floor. We got done before lunch and they guys took the heavy mixer down the hill and back up to the […] Read More


Day 6 – Moving Mixers, Service and A Dead Camera

    Thursday morning Dale lead the team and the staff in devotions.  He shared about the Lord removing the junk in our lives like in the process of wine making.  It was great. Thom and crew continued work on the staircase.             Most of the team poured a concrete floor […] Read More


Day 5 – Quiet Time, Digging and Cleaning

Most of the team and some of the staff went to the other side of the island to jump off the cliffs and swim.  I stuck around the mission.  I had a great quiet time in the Lord and the Lord gave me a teaching for Thursday night’s service.  But I found out later they […] Read More


Day 4 – Work and Celebration

Tuesday was a full day with a lot of work going on and a celebration that night. We broke into several teams.  Nate & Andrew worked on laying block for the first 2 latrines.  Some of the group went back and finished chiseling out the 3rd latrine.  Some of the ladies went and poured the […] Read More


Day 3 – The Work Begins

After breakfast and morning worship, we broke up into two teams.  The first team went to work on a double latrine for another mission organization.  The site was very close to the PL mission.  One hole was already started.  We quickly started and dug both holes in record-breaking time.  We were blessed because the ground […] Read More


Day 2 – A Day of Rest and Vacation

Sunday we were treated to a day at an island resort.  We took a big boat on a several hour trip to a resort island.  This is a place where the more wealthy Colombians do day vacations. We were enable to enjoy hammocks in the shade, the pool & ocean, a great lunch, some went […] Read More


Day 1 – Returning to Bocachica, Colombia

I had the pleasure of going on a mission trip to the small island community of Bocachica (off the coast of Cartagena) in 2004.  It was a challenging trip with lots of hard work and some sickness from a virus going around.  But leaving, I knew I wanted to return.  The Lord had built a […] Read More