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Colombia 2003

I borrowed a digital camera from a friend (Michael Wood) and took photos.  After the trip I borrowed photos from two other people (Mark Leake & Jonathan Cobb) on the trip.  I used the Mac’s at work to make a video of the trip.  I will warn you that the resolution is poor.  The music is copyright of the owners and not my own.  I lost all of the photos in a hard drive failure (back when I was using a PC).  So this video is all I have.  So sit back an enjoy the video, it is a little over 19 min.

“Go” & “All Because of This” by MercyMe – Spoken For – 2002
“There’s No One Like Our God” by Vineyard Canada – Hungry [Live] – 2001
“We are One Body” & “Shout to The Lord” JH Ranch – Ranch Praise “Your Glory Here” – 1999
“Glory and Honor” by Isle of Light – In The Company Of Angels Bonus Disc – 2001

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