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The Power Of Music – SILY 410

The Power of Music - SILY 410

Music may not be the central focus of your life. But if you stop and think about it you will realize the power of music has a huge impact in your life. Our lives don’t have an epic John Williams, Hans Zimmer, or Bear McCreary soundtrack playing as we go about our lives. Or does it?

The Power of Music

This week on the Stuff I Learned Yesterday podcast, I share about music.  Music has been a huge part of my life and will continue to be one.  Whether we know it or not we all build a life soundtrack.  We build our music play lists for anything and everything.  Some times our taste in music changes as we do.  Our musical tastes grow as we do.  The songs of a particular album remind us of our emotions and struggles.  The music of a movie soundtrack take us back to the move and the time we saw it.

Music is powerful!  Well I’ve rambled on too much here.  Click the link to listen to the podcast!

Stuff I Learned Yesterday 410 – The Power of Music

About the author: I am a Christian who desires to serve the Lord daily. I enjoy blogging, photography, working with Mac’s, and enjoying music and TV. I have a heart to serve my church and on the mission field.

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