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Goals For 2017 – Constantly Growing

Goals For 2017 - Constantly Growing - Cover Art

Goals are easily set but hard to keep if we don’t make plans to see them accomplished.  Last year I decided to only set 4 goals.  I believe that helped make those goals easier to work out. So for 2017, I intend to only set four as well.

Goals Walked Out in 2016:

This past year I worked well walking out 2 of the four goals.  The other two I had successes but not as much as I’d like.  As we start a new year, it is good to look back on the last year and examine ourselves.  Then we can more clearly make the steps we need to set new goals or continue to work on the ones we set last year.

For a full breakdown on my goals for last year, you can read the post here.  Last year was my first full year as a podcaster (I started in the Fall of 2015).  I was the co-host for Gotham Undercover and one of the hosts for Stuff I Learned Yesterday. One of my goals for last year was to improve as a podcaster and I did.  I still have a long way to go, but the journey has taught me much, but more on that in the 2017 section.

I think I did a good job transitioning out of my role as president of my local professional organization.  The organization had a bit of a rocky start to the 2016-2017 year but, I feel like I was able to help some and still am helping. (I would encourage you to take a read/listen some of the things I learned about transitions here.)

The other two goals were spiritual in nature.  I did better in 2016 than before in lifting things up in prayer and being more consistent in my quiet times in God’s Word. But I still didn’t get to the depth I would have liked to in my relationship with Jesus.  The other spiritual goal was serving consistently with a joyful heart.  That goal was walked out better than before, but work still needs to go on that one.

Goals for 2017:

So sitting down and thinking about this year and my goals, I’ve decided to continue some from last year and add some new ones.

Goals - Deacon Cross Tattoo Idea

  1.  Goal 1 is to continue growing in my relationship with the Lord and to walk out the calling He has on my life to serve.  In episode 550 of the Stuff I Learned Yesterday podcast, I talked about choosing a word that helps you focus, move forward and help define your calling.  For me that word is “deacon” and it has meaning within the Christian church as a role or position.  I don’t hold that roll or position (Lord willing maybe one day).  But I want to walk out the meaning each day of my life for God’s glory.  I love the definition from Biblehub.com  “A servant of the king who advances others interests even at the sacrifice of their own.” So in 2017, I want to grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus and walk that out by serving at work, church, through podcasting and everywhere else He has me. It is not about achieving a goal but constantly growing in Christ.Goals - New Podcast Setup
  2. Goal 2 is to constantly be growing in my skills and abilities as a podcaster. I really enjoyed 2016 in the podcasting world.  Gotham Undercover kept me podcasting weekly and was fun co-hosting with Karen.  Stuff I Learned Yesterday grew me so much and introduced me to new people.  Filling in on podcasts and being forced to edit more grew my skills.  I’m still learning so much.  I’m excited with some new sound equipment I bought with Christmas money.  It will help me continue to grow.  But I want to become better and serve the Golden Spiral Media network and community at a higher level.Goals - Writing at The Blend
  3. Goal 3 is to continue what I started with SILY.  Last year, doing the SILY podcasts forced me to be more mindful and look at the things I was learning.  I knew I had to sit down almost every Saturday and write, record, and edit a SILY podcast.  That meant focused time on sharing what I was learning.  That stopped me from drifting through life and being more intentional.  The SILY podcast has come to an end, but the community is there on Facebook.  I want to continue sharing what I’m learning and not start drifting through life again. So I want to get back to regular blogging.  I’ll continue my Saturday morning schedule of going to The Blend & Co. (a great local coffee shop) and writing.  I’ll share that here.  Think of it as SILY TNG (Stuff I Learned Yesterday The Next Generation).  I really feel the Lord used me though SILY and while things are different I want to be constantly growing in this.Goals - Water in my Nats Tumbler
  4. Goal 4 is to work on my health.  I’ve made changes over the last few years by taking Juice Plus and eating smaller portions. I started, last year, drinking at least 64 ounces of water each day and cutting back other drinks.  But after my check-up in the fall, I knew I had to do more.  I’m walking, at a fast pace, 4 mornings a week (around a 4 mph pace) for around 20 min. I walk at before work at school. I’m using my Fitbit Blaze to remind me to get 250 steps an hour every hour between 9 and 5.  I will be adding some strength training to the mix soon.  I’m trying to eat healthier as well.  I’m trying to constantly make slow steady steps to take care of the body God has given me and be able to serve Him with it for as long as He has me here.

Well those are my goals for the year.  I hope you will sit down and think about the year and make some of your own.  Please do come back and check out my blog on a consistent basis.


About the author: I am a Christian who desires to serve the Lord daily. I enjoy blogging, photography, working with Mac’s, and enjoying music and TV. I have a heart to serve my church and on the mission field.

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