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Podcast Recommendations

I don’t have a podcast of my own.  But I listen to podcast on a daily basis.  I have listed below the ones I enjoy.  Please check them out and enjoy!


Antioch Community Church

Antioch Community Church

Antioch Community Church has a podcast of the Sunday sermons, men’s breakfast speakers and conferences.  The sermons are solid teaching from the Word of God in an expository manor.

Truth For Life

Truth For Life is the (weekday) Daily podcast from Pastor Alistair Begg.  Once again solid Bible teaching.


gspn.tv is a podcast/new media community.  Cliff & Stephanie Ravenscraft, along with several co-hosts from around the work, podcast about about many different things.  They podcast on family life, Christianity, technology, social media, balanced media and so much more.  They have many different podcasts and a community of people from around world.  I’m blessed to be a community administrator for the community and have many friends in the community.  Join the community!


Popspotting is a weekday podcast that reviews movies, TV, music, apps and so much more.  Ryan & Jen Ozawa are the podcasting duo who brought us The Transmission LOST podcast.  They live in beautiful Hawaii and are good friends.


FRiNGEcasting with Wane and Dan is a podcast about the TV show Fringe.  They have fun talking about the show and have great feedback from listeners.

Healthy Church Radio

Healthy Church Radio

Healthy Church Radio:  Healthy Church Radio is a weekly podcast about church and everything related to it. You may be a pastor, an elder, a church member, or you may just be curious! Perhaps you are in a struggling fellowship or one that is thriving. You may be looking to find a church or even considering planting one. We at Healthy Church Radio want to help. Because we believe…healthy church matters. —  This podcast deals with healthy church in all of it’s forms and has guests from different states, countries and denominations.

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