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Reflection On My 2017 Goals

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - Cover Art

Year end brings a time for reflection on my 2017 goals. I’ve had a busy and full year and one of the things I miss about Stuff I Learned Yesterday (SILY) is the opportunity to reflect on life in a focused way. So it is time to do that for the year.

Reflection On My Goals:

As I reflect back over 2017, I am amazed at all that has happened and how many of my goals were met. I sat down at the start of 2017 in my favorite place to work, The Blend & C0., and made some goals. I didn’t know what was ahead for my year, but the Lord did so much in and through my life this year. I’m amazed and thankful!

Goal 1 – Constantly Growing In My Relationship With Christ:

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - Deacon

This is an easy reflection, because the Lord has done so much in my life this year.  He honored my heart cry to serve Him as a deacon.  Three of us were approached by the elders of Antioch Community Church. We were asked about our lives, our walks with the Lord, and much more. We were questioned by the elders. The congregation though and prayed about us. Then we were installed as deacons. Since then, I have had the joy and honor of helping the body of Christ at Antioch in many ways. I’m so humbled to be playing a bigger part in the work. It has caused me to dig deeper in my prayer life and time studying the Word.

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - Ironman

I’ve cherished the time with brothers in Christ. I’m a part of an accountability group (Iron Man Group) with two brothers from church. Jon, Nathan and I meet at my house regularly and pray for each other, encourage each other and hold each other accountable. It is a sweet time that keeps me on track with the Lord and draws me closer to Him. I love those times.

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - Brothers

Nathan and I were able to take a quick weekend trip up to Maryland and visit the Mancuso’s. Rob is a great friend to Nathan and I and it was sweet to spend time with him and his family. He is an elder in his church and we talked shop some. But it is always great to catch up.

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - Mens Retreat

Lastly we had a great church men’s beach retreat this fall. The teaching was on biblical conflict resolution. It was a great time of learning, worship and fellowship.

Goal 2 – Constantly Growing In My Podcasting Skills:

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - Podcasting

I really walked out this goal this year! I finished out my 2nd season of podcasting and started my third. It is so enjoyable to be a part of Golden Spiral Media. We do a lot of great work and each of the hosts are great. Karen Lindsay and I had a lot of fun on Gotham Undercover and I’m looking forward to more fun ahead.

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - John Geoff

I got go meet up with John McGrail who lives in Salisbury and we collaborated on several podcasts together. During the year I did blog posts for all of the Triplecast episodes, Gotham Undercover ones and several Maid of Steel ones. I had my editing skills tested and grown as I had to fill in as an audio editor from time to time. So much is involved in podcasting that people just don’t realize. I’m grateful to be a part of a great community that I can learn from and turn around and share as well. We had 2 new podcasters join the network and I was able to help them out. I’ve grown a great deal but there is always more to learn.

Goal 3 – Constantly Growing by Blogging:

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - Blogging

My goal of doing SILY:TNG blogs regularly fell through this year. I only had one personal blog entry like this all year long. This makes me disappointed. I was deeply involved with 2 podcasts, had full plate at work, helped Arts Alive close and Alamance Fine Arts Academy open, and served at church and all of  that kept me busy. I was even honored as a runner up for district classified employee of the year. You would think I would have time and to reflect on these great things. But I didn’t. I need to work on carving out time in the new year for blogging.

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - CEOY

Goal 4 – Work On My Health:

Reflection On My 2017 Goals - Workout

This year I consistently worked out at least 4 days a week. I walked at a good clip for 20 min. Then added some reps with weights. I saw a drop in fat and gains of muscle. My cholesterol levels still need work, but I’m happy with my new lifestyle. I have a standing desk at work and it really helps me stay active during the day. I’m living a more balanced life and I’m grateful to God for helping me walk this out.

Closing Thoughts:

Taking time in reflection at the end of the year helps us all to be thankful for what the Lord has given us. It also helps us to set goals and move forward. I’ll spend time on that in the coming week. There were major challenges for me this year at work, with my house, with money and family health issues. But the Lord, my family, church family and friends helped me through them all. Through all of last year I was constantly growing.

About the author: I am a Christian who desires to serve the Lord daily. I enjoy blogging, photography, working with Mac’s, and enjoying music and TV. I have a heart to serve my church and on the mission field.

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