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2018 Goals – Serving Everywhere

2018 Goals - Serving Everywhere - Cover Art

Serving and helping have always a part of who I am. Last year saw me take new steps in this area. I want to make 2018 a year more focused on walking out serving in all the areas where Christ has me.


Goal 1 – Serving In Church:

2018 Goals - Serving Everywhere - Church

2017 saw me become a deacon at my church, Antioch Community Church. Serving within the body of Christ at Antioch is a joy. There are always ways to serve and I love the people. The deacons are each taking a group of families and singles and praying for them on a weekly basis. I know this will help me connect with the people of the body more and that will help me to serve them more. I desire to have my eyes open to see the needs in the body and be able to serve them. I know the Lord will open up opportunities and I desire to be ready to serve in these new and different ways this year.

Goal 2 – Serving At Work:

2018 Goals - Serving Everywhere - Work

Last year was a year that challenged me at work. I enjoyed most of the opportunities I had to serve. 2017 saw me helping others and providing consistency at my school. I love the team environment of my school. We are challenged to grow in our skills and walk them out in new ways. We each get to shine in our own way and in ways that help make the school better. I also helped with the local chapter of Educational Office Professionals. 2017 was challenging for us, but made us stronger.

2018 seems like it may be a year of growth and changes at work. I’m praying for wisdom in the midst of these changes. My desire is to be where the Lord can use me and serve Him in my work. I have opportunities in front of me and I know I can serve regardless, but I desire to choose the path the Lord desires for me. So I would covet your prayers that I may choose wisely and continue serving with joy.

I have enjoyed being a part of Arts Alive and now Alamance Fine Arts Academy. I desire to help this studio grow and become what the Lord desires it to be. I’m helping out with social media and technology and I’m looking forward to helping out as needed.

Goal 3 – Serving Through Podcasting:

2018 Goals - Serving Everywhere - GSM

I had a lot of great opportunities last year through Golden Spiral Media podcast network. I love being a part of this great group of folks.  I enjoy serving the other hosts by helping with blogging, feedback, and friendship. I’ve learned a lot in my few years of podcasting and I’m happy that I can pass along some of these lessons.  I desire to be more intentional  about this in 2018. I want to set up focused times to pass along skills. I also want to serve the listeners of my podcast by providing better blog posts, more interaction, and better content.

I’d also like to help serve my co-host Karen and podcast network head Darrell in better ways this year. I really appreciate both of them and how much they teach me. I want to look for ways I can help them and the network this year. I also want to help them personally through prayer, service and a providing a listening ear.

Goal 4 – Serving Family and Friends:

2018 Goals - Serving Everywhere - Friends

Over the last year, many things changed for my family. So I am more conscious of time with family. I have 102 year old grandmother and she is a blessing, but no one is guaranteed tomorrow. I want to be in contact with her more than I have. I know my parents are serving her on a daily basis and when I’m at their house, I want to help by serving them. Time with family is the best gift we can give and get. I know that is not that case for everyone, but it is for my family on both sides. I don’t want to take it for granted. I also want to open my home for family members to visit any time.

The same holds true for friends. I want to grow in hospitality. I’ve been blessed with a great home and I want to open it up more this year. My men’s accountability group meets there, but it is easy for me to open it up to others as well. It is an easy thing to do. I need to do it more often. I pray that the Lord would open my eyes to see and walk out service to my friends and family more and more this year.

Closing Thoughts:

I stand at the beginning of 2018 and only have an inkling of what is in store. Some things appear to be on the horizon and others are too far over it for me to see. In many ways, I’m apprehensive of what is next. But not because I’m scared of change, responsibility, or new things. My hearts desire is to continue serving the Lord consistently in all things.  I have learned and need to hold to those lessons. I will burn out unless I draw my strength from the Lord. My desire is to serve, but a person can only pour out so much before they are empty. In order to serve, I must consistently spend time with Jesus so that I may be filled.

The picture is a beautiful mountain lake pouring fourth clean and crisp water into a river that feeds the valleys below. But that lake must be fed by the mountain springs or it will grow stagnant and dry up. I must be filled in order to serve and that is my biggest prayer for 2018. Lord fill me daily to overflowing so that I my serve for Your glory! Everywhere the Lord has me, my desire is to be a part of serving there.

What are your goals for 2018? How can I encourage you in them? Please let me know!

About the author: I am a Christian who desires to serve the Lord daily. I enjoy blogging, photography, working with Mac’s, and enjoying music and TV. I have a heart to serve my church and on the mission field.

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