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Breaking Amish

TLC’s Breaking Amish

Well I watched the first episode of Breaking Amish on TLC.  I must say that having watched Amish: Out Of Order helped me understand things more.  I am willing to continue watching Breaking Amish for at least a few more episodes.  It is clearly a different perspective.  This series voice is that of the young folks as opposed to Mose’s voice in Out OF Order.  I think that is fine.  We are truly seeing things through their eyes and seeing the issues that they will face.  What I am hoping for the series is that it will be more of the tone of Amish on Break (great special by the way) and less of The Real World: Amish.  Only time and more episodes will tell.  The first episode introduced us to the young Amish and Mennonite adults.  It gave us background and history.  But I still felt it was a little to scripted and pushed for me.  But then again I’m used to NatGeo’s style.  I honestly wanted to go into this not liking it, because I am longing for more Amish: Out Of Order.  But that may not happen.  So I need to change my point of view and expectations.  This is something totally different.  I can either like it for what it is or not.  Once again time will tell.

Episode 2:

Fish out of water ep.  I am still very dubious of of this series.  It seams scripted.  I mean the 2 girls talking about the other finding her dentures, etc.  It just felt Season 1 or 2 of the “Real World.”  I’m thinking it is has some real honest moments but scripted (pushed on by the production team) moments.  I’m I just caught of on the style differences between Out of Order & Breaking Amish or is something more.  I just don’t know what to think.  What are you thing about the series so far?

Accusations:  Many have made accusations and I have wondered myself about the “reality” of the series.  People are saying the people were cast and this is not the first time the cast has been out in the world.  TLC is saying many statements are false and some are true and will be addressed.  We will see.  NBC News article here.

Episode 3:

So we learn that Jeremiah has been kicked out of the Amish 3 times.  Loved how he played with the driving instructor though.  So was he really living Amish when he left for New York?  So Abe finally asked Rebecca out.  She played it cool but was really happy afterwards and so was Abe but they are not letting their guard down with each other yet.

But let’s talk about reality.  They are living in a hotel that seems like it will cost me an arm and a leg for just one night.  How much are money are they being given to live on?

Big complaint it the scripture and music.  Listen I’m a Christian and I respect that Amish want to live out the scriptures, I think they may take it a bit to far and overlook the Grace Jesus came to give.  But it just seems like the producers are trying to create drama with the scripture, music and family members coming in.

After seeing all the accusations of falseness, including Abe & Rebecca with a child (and she had real teeth).  I don’t know if these things can be dispelled.  This show seems like it was created and crafted to be something it is not.  People are seeing this and calling TLC on it.  It seems like they were going for something else and had to change it when Mose Gingrich told them no.


I cannot in good conscious continue watching a “reality show” that is clearly scripted and crafted.  It would be different if TLC had marketed it differently.  But they were dishonest.  It is not that I do not like the cast, but they are not being true to themselves.  The season pass on my DVR has been revoked.  Make your own decision!

I would however be glad to watch any further Amish shows Nat Geo would do or Mose if they stay true to the style they have done in the past.


About the author: I am a Christian who desires to serve the Lord daily. I enjoy blogging, photography, working with Mac’s, and enjoying music and TV. I have a heart to serve my church and on the mission field.

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  • spin

    Agreed its scripted or all fake…st least i can assure uou one person kate is… just found out she was on this show…um it portrays her like she just left the community …news flash she hasnt. I worked with her at a restaurant corp chain and trained her on bar … she lived in an apt. 30 min away with roommates owner a car then bought a new one…. there was alot of drama with her i know first hand…i know she used to be Mennonite but hasent ….she yas drank and partied ..and moved to florida for a reason unknown… this girl is a fraud…has some sorta hidden agenda and just not all up there if you know what i mean

    • Interesting, info there. I will be interested to check into to this more.