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Day 3 – The Work Begins

Starting latrines 1 & 2

After breakfast and morning worship, we broke up into two teams.  The first team went to work on a double latrine for another mission organization.  The site was very close to the PL mission.  One hole was already started.  We quickly started and dug both holes in record-breaking time.  We were blessed because the ground was very sandy.  It had trash in it (like much of the island).  (There is no trash service people just toss trash on the ground.)  Part of our group set up the rebar and poured the concrete for the four sections of the top.  I must say the heat and the hard work got to me and I had to take it a little easy.
The other team was not so blessed with the group at their site.  They were working on a latrine for a home.  That home was a 15 min. walk from the mission.  After lunch and siesta (why can’t the U.S. adopt that policy?), both teams converged on the “Rock” hole.  (Nate & Andrew worked on laying block for the two latrines.) The only way to make progress was to take big metal rods, with a chisel tip on one end and a spike tip on the other, and break the ground by brut force.

Aaron & Vic in action

Everyone takes turns to keep from being worn out too quickly.  Then when a good amount of rock had been broken up people jump in and shovel it out into buckets and a wheel barrow.
It was a lot of hard work, but we enjoyed the communication (verbally and non-verbally) with the family and playing with the kids.

Bethany giving a piggy back ride

Lydia & her friend

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