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Apple Mountain Lion

Apple's Mountain Lion

I just read the information over at Apple’s website.  I must say they are keeping ahead of the game.  Mountain Lion (set to be released during the summer)  will bring so many of the features I love about my iOS devices (my iPad 2 and iPhone 4) to the Mac.

I love iMessages ability to talk with people and not having to pay for text messaging.  Now Apple has brought that to the Mac and people can share conversations, photos, and videos across platforms.  Plus conversations starting on the Mac can be continued on the iOS devices.  They have also added notifications in the same elegant style as iOS.  You can now create your Reminders on your Mac and see them everywhere.  The same with notes.  Plus you have game center on your Mac.  A security update comes as well with Gatekeeper.  It gives you added protection with apps on the Mac.  Plus if you have an Apple TV you can wirelessly use your TV as an external monitor/mirror of your Mac.

Over all I am very pleased with the progression.  Apple is making an uniformed user experience across multiple devices.  Learn it once and use it on all devices.  Create it once, have it everywhere.  Seamlessly communicate over several devices.  They are seeing the potential of cloud computing and using it.  I must say I am ready to see what the user experience will be like.  I just hope that I do not run into the issues I did with Lion when first converting (Lion Installation Journey).

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