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June 2007

Saturday June 30, 2007

    I slept off and on last night.  I got up this morning.  I had some time in the Word, in prayer and read a couple of chapters in the book on Hudson Taylor I’m reading.  I just felt run down and not great.  I decided that it would not be good for me to […] Read More


Friday June 29, 2007

    It was a quiet day at work.  I did some scheduling work.  I did some filing and archiving to close out the school year.  After work, I headed over to the church to help Dan Cubino do some recording.  Unfortunately, He had left some of what he needed at home.  I’ve been relaxing and […] Read More


Thursday June 28, 2007

    It was a busy day at school.  I spend most of it knocking out 7th grade scheduling of core classes and team set up and moves.  I’ve got to set up a time to get the AC in my 4Runner fixed.  Going from 65° and low humidity to 85° and near 100% just threw […] Read More


Wednesday June 27, 2007

    It was a good day at work.  I did some odds and ends this morning.  Right before lunch I found out DPI (the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction) found the issue that was holding up my scheduling.  They told me how to fix it.  I was so happy.  I spent from 1-5pm breaking […] Read More

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Tuesday June 26, 2007

    Today was the first day of summer school.  It was a busy morning around the office.  I was grateful to be able to help out in several ways.  I did some filing and some scheduling work for next year.  This afternoon after work, I had a training meeting for the Association of Education Office […] Read More


Monday June 25, 2007

  Today was a challenging day.  It was challenging because I had an agenda for this week at work.  I wanted to work on scheduling and get one graded partly done.  Well I discovered a software issue last week and it does not look like it will be resolved until later.  So I had to […] Read More


Sunday June 24, 2007

    It was a good day today.  I got to church and unlocked the building and turned on the air.  Since the Fox’s are out of town, I ran sound and Jordan did power point.  It was a slim crowd when we started but it filled up as things went along.  Dan Cubino preached today […] Read More


Saturday June 23, 2007

    I spent the morning updating my Xanga theme and working on some of the graphics.  I had lunch (and finished off the yummy mango ice tea) and spend some time reading the Word.  This afternoon, I did 2 loads of laundry and watched “Cities of the Underworld” on the History Channel.  I worked out […] Read More


Friday June 22, 2007

    Ah Friday!  It was my short day at work and it few by.  I worked with the staff on some set up for summer school.  I helped our Technology Specilast set up a new Mac for our receptionist.  Then I headed out the door at 1:30.  Got into town and checked my mail.  I […] Read More

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Thursday June 21, 2007

    It was a quiet and productive day at work.  I working on some scheduling and prep work for next year.  I finished filing all the discipline write ups for the year.  I brought my lunch but decided to go over to Arby’s.  I took orders from others in the office.  After I gave them […] Read More