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January 2006

Tuesday January 31, 2006

    Wow today was crazy.  I spent most of the day typing in discipline forms into the system.  Is is a full moon? The kids are wild at school.  Be praying for us as we try to work with them.  Be praying for Ms. Scott (Principal).  Our assistant principal is out sick so Ms. Scott […] Read More


Monday January 30, 2006

    It was a quiet and sleepy Monday.  Driving through the fog this morning reminded me a lot of Laurel Ridge.  God is so amazing in His creation.  I remember sitting in the dining hall one day.  The dishes from breakfast were done and several of us on the M-Staff were sitting around our table […] Read More

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Sunday January 29, 2006

    Sundays are awesome!  Josh led worship this morning and we did some songs I’ve been singing all weekend :-) .  Shannon brought the word.  It was a good overview on Ephesians.  Dick ran sound today since John was beat because of work yesterday.  I enjoy getting to work with Dick.  It’s like old times.  […] Read More


Saturday January 28, 2006

    It has been such a great day.  I had some good quiet time with the Lord this morning.  I read the news and listened to a lot of good music in my iTunes.  I cleaned up around the house.  After lunch, I did the dishes, worked out and grabbed a shower.  I fixed pizza […] Read More


Friday January 27, 2006

    It was a good day at work.  I worked on attendance and then got grade information to the principals & guidance staff.  It was a quiet night.  I cleaned up around the house and then watched Numb3rs […] Read More


Thursday January 26, 2006

    It has been a great day.  I love it when the Lord wakes me and already has a praise song singing in my heart.  I headed in to work and had a time of Bible study and prayer since I was the only one there for staff prayer time.  Work went smoothly and I […] Read More


Wednesday January 25, 2006

    It was busy today at work but it was a good day.  My Uncle Joe called my cell and we talked for a while.  He was in Burlington and gave me a call to catch up on things.  It was good to hear from him […] Read More


Tuesday January 24, 2006

    I currently listening to the Ted Dekker Circle Trilogy.  I’m in the midst of book two “Red.”  STOP HERE if you do not want spoilers.    Today I was listening to the part where it was revealed that Justin was The Boy.  It got me thinking.  Justin seems (at least in what I have heard […] Read More

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Monday January 23, 2006

    It was a teacher workday today.  I spent most of it on the phone and talking with others trying to figure out a problem.  We use letter grade and the system converts the numeric grade to a letter grade.  But for some reason some of these conversions were off?  We still have not figured […] Read More


Sunday January 22, 2006

    Sundays rock!!!!  I got to church and set mics and speakers back up.  Worship in music was very sweet this morning.  It was very intimate and uplifting.  I love this series Mark is preaching.  The Lord’s word is so rich and life giving.   This morning was a sweet time of fellowship too.  It was […] Read More

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